Friday, November 16, 2018
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The IACM Awards Committees for the 2016 edition of IACM awards

There are two IACM Awards committees in 2016: the Major Awards Committee (MAC) and the General Awards Committee (GAC).


  • MAC is responsible for the IACM Congress Medal (Gauss-Newton Medal), the IACM C. Zienkiewicz Award, the IACM Computational Mechanics Award, and the IACM Fellows Award;

Members of MAC: I. Babuska, J. S. Chen, L. Demkowicz, C. Farhat, W. K. Liu, E. Oñate (Chair), M. Papadrakakis, E. Ramm and W. Wall.


  • GAC is responsible for the IACM John Argyris Award for Young Scientists.

Members of GAC: MAC members + A. Lew and K. Takizawa.


For the 2016 edition of IACM Awards, the IACM Executive Council has appointed Prof. Eugenio Oñate as Chair.