Dear Colleagues,


We are hereby writing to invite you to participate and contribute your great work in minisymposium No. 1202 in the conference APCOM 2019.


The minisymposium is entitled: “(1202) Advanced Techniques on the Applications, Material Design, and Process of Additive Manufacturing” organized by Prof. Wing Kam Liu (Northwestern University, US), Prof. Shao-Ju Shih (NTUST, Taiwan) and Prof. Nine-Ti Tsou (NCTU, Taiwan). The detail is listed in the website.


The conference is held from the 18th-21st of December 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan. You are cordially invited to submit your abstract by the 15th of April 2019. We believe your participation will provide us in-depth insight of the field of additive manufacturing. We are looking forward to seeing you in Taipei.


Sincerely yours,


Nien-Ti Tsou, DPhil

Associate Professor

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

National Chiao Tung University

No. 1001 Ta Hsueh Road, HsinChu, 300 Taiwan


Tel: +886-3-5712121 ext. 55308