Today, the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM) is a well-established professional society, with almost five thousand affiliates worldwide. Its Awards Program has been established to honor individuals who have made significant contributions in basic or applied computational mechanics, and to showcase the work of creative scholarship of its membership to the entire world.

The IACM Awards are conferred every two years. They were designed to recognize members in different age groups and to achieve different purposes: for senior researchers, to celebrate a lifetime achievement; for mid-career researchers, to honor an exceptional accomplishment; and for early career researchers or graduate students, to reward outstanding young research talent for a significant contribution in computational mechanics.

The IACM John Argyris Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments, particularly outstanding published papers, by researchers 40 or younger. Eligibility requires that the nominee not turn 41 in the year the award is presented.

The IACM John Argyris Award for Young Scientists is sponsored by Elsevier to honor Professor John Argyris’ significant contributions in the field.

D. Kochmann, Awardee 2022



For awardees of The John Argyris Award for the best paper by a young researcher in the field of Computational Mechanics, sponsored by Elsevier and awarded every two years coinciding with the IACM World Congress between 2002 and 2012, please click here.

Year Awardee(s)
2022 D. Kochmann
2020 W. Sun
2018 J. Yvonnet
2016 H. S. Park
2014 A. Reali
2012 A. Lew, K. Takizawa
2010 Y. Bazilevs
2008 M. Bischoff, J. Dolbow
2006 N. Moës
2004 R. Codina, T.Furukawa, K. Jansen
2002 F. Armero, C. A. Taylor
1998 C. Farhat, J. Peraire