IACM short courses and workshops in conjunction with WCCM_APCOM 2022


IACM values the opportunity, especially for young researchers, of providing courses and workshops in conjunction with the large IACM events.

Common to the instructions of IACM is the core conviction that these courses should be provided on a non-profit, benevolent basis.


Proposal for an Advance Course


  1. A proposal for a Short Course (SC) should be submitted to the secretariat of IACM () before 15 March 2022. A proposal must at least include the following items:
  • title of the course
  • chairpersons
  • objectives and target groups
  • scientific/technical areas covered
  • provisional time schedule duration: mid-day/full day
  • expected and minimal number of participants
  1. Proposal will be evaluated by the officers of IACM, and the co-chairs of WCCM_APCOM 2022. The applicants shall be notified of acceptance before 31 March 2022.


  1. The format of the courses will be virtual via Zoom


  1. All accepted SCs will be announced on the website of WCCM_APCOM 2022. Registration for SCs incl. payment proceeds via the WCCM_APCOM 2022 website.


  1. The SC chairpersons are responsible for maintaining contact with the Short Courses Conference Secretariat, assigned to give support to all courses organizers


  1. Instructor fee is 650 €, which will be split between co-organizers if more than one.


  1. Short course participants will pay 150 € each.


  1. If the operational cost is not covered with a minimum of attendees, the SC will be cancelled


  1. In accordance with the non-profit purpose of the SCs, any surplus in the final budget will be transferred to WCCM.


  1. IACM will support approved SCs through the general dissemination of the SCs via the regular IACM channels (web page, emails, Twitter, LinkedIn, dissemination at conferences, etc.).


  1. Within three months after the event, the chairpersons submit a final report of the event to the secretariat of IACM. This report is assessed by the officers of IACM. The final report shall at least include:
  • main parameters of the event
  • the results of a survey among the participants
  • prognosis for planned future editions