Open Call for Tenders for the Joint Organization of the


ECCOMAS and IACM have agreed to organize jointly the ECCOMAS CONGRESS 2026 and the 17th WORLD CONGRESS ON COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS.

The list of previous congresses of ECCOMAS and IACM is available on their websites.

With this document, letters of intent are invited from current ECCOMAS and IACM affiliated associations and individual members for hosting the WCCM & ECCOMAS CONGRESS 2026.

1.- Letters of intent can be submitted by any IACM and ECCOMAS group of organizers affiliated with one or more member associations supporting the organization (hereafter referred to as the “Congress Organizers”) and it shall include the following information, without exceeding 2 pages:

  • Motivation for submitting the bid
  • Proposed location and dates
  • Congress Chairperson(s)
  • Local Organizing Committee
  • Supporting Organizations
  • Identification of the local, national and regional stakeholders and how they are expected to collaborate for the congress
  • Anticipated financial support of the destination, if any

2.- Letters of intention shall include the financial preference between the following possible Option A or Option B:

Option A:

ECCOMAS & IACM will take full responsibility of the financials of the conference and will also offer financial support through Scholarships to all its affiliated members.

If the conference has a positive turnover larger than 3% of the income of the registration, the Congress Organizers will receive 3% of the income of the registration and sponsorship, as compensation for all their support to the scientific organization of the conference.

Option B:

The Congress Organizers, ECCOMAS, and IACM will take responsibility of the financials of the conference and will also offer financial support through Scholarships to all its affiliated members.

The Congress Organizers will also participate in the financial responsibility (risks and profits) of the conference, with a minimum of 10% and maximum of 25%.

3.- These initial documents will be evaluated and the best proposals will be shortlisted by the Executive Council of the IACM and by the ECCOMAS Managing Board. At least two candidates will be shortlisted.

4.- The process will respect the following schedule:

  • 13 June 2022: Official open call
  • 14 September 2022: Submission of letters of intention
  • 7 October 2022: Shortlist of at least 2 candidates by the IACM EC and ECCOMAS Managing Board


Destinations and Convention Bureaus who want to support a letter of intent are also welcome and shall contact the local team and members of ECCOMAS and IACM for this purpose.

Full bid packages will be prepared by the IACM Secretariat at a later stage, and only for the shortlisted candidates. The associations will work closely with the shortlisted destinations.

Interested candidates shall request at :

  • A document detailing the full set of guidelines for organizers, destinations and venues

All letters of intent should be addressed to Presidents of the ECCOMAS, prof. Ferdinando Auricchio, and International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM), prof. Antonio Huerta, before 14 September 2022 via email to: and .


The IACM Secretariat will be at your disposal for assisting you during the proposal preparation.

13 June 2022