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Computational Mechanics is the development and application of numerical methods and digital computers to the solution of problems posed by Engineering and Applied Science with the objectives of understanding and harnessing the resources of nature.

CM is concerned with the use of computational methods and devices to study events governed by the principles of mechanics. CM is a fundamentally important part of computational science and engineering, concerned with the use of computational approaches to characterize, predict and simulate physical events and engineering systems governed by the laws of mechanics.

CM has had a profound impact on science and technology over the past three decades. There has been a pervasive impact on manufacturing, communication, transportation, medicine, defense and many other areas central to modern civilization.

CM incorporates new models of physical and biological systems based upon quantum, molecular and biological mechanics and has an enormous potential for future growth and applicability.

While Computational Solid Mechanics (CSM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are at the core of our activity, such subjects as Thermodynamics, Electro Magnetism, Rigid Body Mechanics, Control Systems and some aspects of Particle Physics fall naturally within the scope of the definition. Indeed the provision of a common forum for discussion, education and research information transfer between the diverse disciplines represented is the main “raison d’être” of IACM.

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