IUTAM Affiliated Organizations:

Please find at the end the Call for Input for the IUTAM Congress Committee Meeting in Boston in July, issued by Robert M. McMeeking, Secretary of the Congress Committee.

Please note that the Call for Input invites nominations for Opening and Closing Lecturers and Sectional Lecturers, plus suggestions for Co-Chairs of Thematic Sessions, all for ICTAM2020 in Milan.

The Call for Input also invites nominations for election of new members to the Congress Committee, and expressions of interest for hosting ICTAM2024.

The Executive Committee of the Congress Committee would be grateful if you could transmit your nominations and suggestions as soon as possible so that the selection process can be organized in time for Congress Committee deliberations in July.

Please note also that this version of the Call for Input contains a corrected version of the list of Thematic Sessions for ICTAM2020, as FS11 and FS12 were wrongly stated in the previous version. The Secretary of the Congress Committee apologizes for this oversight.